Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just in time for winter.

Well a few weeks ago my Dad and I finished the rear window in the camper and man dose it make a difference. There is so much light coming inside now. I remember when I first got it it only had two small windows on the sides. Now it has two very large windows one in the front and one in the back and also a good sized skylight as well.

The back window was a bit more tricky then the front in some ways. It was also a lot easier over all due to the fact that it was something we had done before. Hence it only two about 3 days to do where as the first one took over two weeks. The only part that was harder is that this window is at a angle and the front window is straight up and down. So we found out that everything we had to do was at at 78 degree angle. We made it work.

So now next up will be to redo the back wall in the camper. It has no insulation and there is a bit of wood that needs to be replaced. This will be a good project over Kawasaki's winter shut down. Best of all I will get to work inside the camper away from the frigged elements.

As a side note to any Metroid fans out there. I just started playing the original NES version a few days ago. I gotta say this is a great game once you get into it. I have tried many times in the past and given up due to how hard it is and the lack of any kind of map. Thanks to my recent purchase of a Nintendo Wii I am able to try again. I am already over half way though the game. It really gets great once you get a few power ups and are not dying all the time, then you really get to enjoy this game and see how solid it is. Also it helps you realize how much more awesome the SNES version is and where a lot of its style came from.

A very merry Christmas to anyone who is reading.