Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hungry anyone?

In need of some cooking? I might just happen to know of a place, oh a little place on wheels. A super great place!

A finished piece of the camper. The kitchen. I finally got to finish the plumbing, sink, stove and fridge last Saturday. I finished mounting in the counter top, it had just been sitting in place. The sink is also attached from below and hooked up to the drain line. I had to drill holes and place the two faucets. One which can be connected to the outside fresh water line, the other with pump action to draw water from the internal tank. I also finished securing the stove top and hooking up the gas line. The new mini fridge is braced up and the extra space filled in (the original fridge was a bit larger).
Now all that is left for the kitchen is the paint. Which will not happen until the whole camper is redone. There is no since in painting one area at a time.
The next step which is already started is pealing up all the old linoleum, this is proving to be slow going. However like most things on this project its just a matter of time.

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL kitchen station!