Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A quick update. I am in the throws of the whole bench seat creation, which I will write more about in another post. Right now I would like to let you know that I am currently sanitizing the on-board water system. Which is quite small and simple like most things in this camper. I also got to take apart the little pump action faucet and get that cleaned and working.
Its warm outside and the camper is getting oh so close to being usable. Its all good.

PS. Look what I can do!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrations and Linoleum!

First off something terrific finally got done with the camper. I have a brand new Nebraska title and plates! This is actually a very large accomplishment, seeing as how I got the camper back in October and have not yet gotten this to happen. Through many months of trying to get a hold of the actual previous owner and going to the DMV, finding out my title was no good and having to mail it back to him and have him go to his DMV pay a fine and get a new title and then mail that back to me *whew*.
Then finally last Monday the big day came and it all went quite well. I got to deal with a DMV worker who looks quite a bit like Wash from Firefly and is equally friendly. It turns out there is a reason the VIN for cars is so very long. Its so that it dose not have repeats with other vehicles. First off the 4 number long VIN for my camper was the same as a old 70s army jeep that was reported stolen. Then after that was cleared up it turns out that it is also shared with a local mobile home. So Wash had to get clearance from a manager to override it and make sure that the mobile home dose not vanish from existence or that my camper wont get mail form said home. Anyway after a quite pleasant experience at the DMV I was walking out with a new title and plate in hand. WOO!
Also that same week I spent two days on the floor of the camper with a putty knife scraping up old linoleum. Which actually was not too bad minus a blister or two. I got to listen to music and slowly scrape away at the old flooring. Which compared to some tasks I have done on it so far is quite calm. After two days of removal it was time to find a new piece of linoleum. I knew that I wanted a wood grain, I also knew that I did not need too big of a piece. What I needed was about 8 feet 2 inches long and about 5 feet wide. My mom recommended a place called carpet land. They have factory remnants for a fair price. After looking though many many rolls of flooring with the help of my Mom we narrowed it down to two rolls. Both were quite close to the size we needed. One was 8 by 6 feet and there other was 8 by 7. So we went with the smaller one.
Here is where something really rare happened. When the time came to lay down the new floor we measured the length at 8 feet 1 inch, the piece of linoleum was exactly that, we had to make no cuts at all for length, Wow.
Last Thursday my dad and I were able start and finish the whole process of putting in the new floor in one long but fun evening. Putting down about 2-3 feet at a time of the one large piece which after cutting for width fit very very well. My mom even got to help us smooth it out as well since she was wearing slippers when she came out to see how we were doing. It worked quite well to have her slide around on it securing the glue. So now the new floor is in, and it looks great! By far the most noticeable change we have made yet. Again I could not have done it without the help of my parents so a big thank you goes out to them.
Tonight I just got back from Home Depot were I bought 70 feet of 2x4s and one 8x4' of plywood. Heres hoping it will be enough for two new bench seats!